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Henry Nicolle offers precision onboard weighing technology as the North American Distributor for SEKO Forklift Scales.

Henry Nicolle provides technical support for hydraulic pressure-based weighing systems for American Forklift Scale, LLC.

Henry Nicolle also provides technology assistance and custom accessories for Accurate Weighing Systems, Inc.

SEKO Forklift Scales

North American Distributor
of Load-cell Based
Modular Forklift Weighing Systems.

Very accurate (0.1% nominal error)
Extremely Rugged
Cost Effective, Profitable and Affordable

100% ZERO Percent Down
ZERO Percent Interest
Financing for 12 Payments O.A.C.

Standard ITA Hook-type
Model SK16C: Class II 5,000 lb Capacity/16" Carriage
Model SK20C: Class III 10,000 lb Capacity/20" Carriage
Model SK25C: Class IV 20,000 lb Capacity/25" Carriage
American Forklift Scale, LLC
Hydraulic Forklift Weighing System
Model LTWS-1 "Patriot"
Economical and Rugged
+/- 1% to 2% Check-Weighing Capability
Any Size Forkift
Accurate Weighing Systems
Onboard Weighing Systems
Refuse Trucks
Other Onboard
Weighing Applications

Last modified: 05 April, 2016